Kodiak Excel

Kodiak Excel


KODIAK Excel is a plugin for Microsoft Excel that allows you to pull live data into Excel. With KODIAK Excel you can both use data from Live Market Data or define your own data packages through our KODIAK Server


Traders, analysts, middle- and back office


Feature list

Data Packages for KODIAK Excel from Live Market Data

  • Nasdaq OMX Nordic
  • Nasdaq OMX Nordic Historic
  • Reference Data
  • FX and Rates
  • Statistics Iceland
  • News sources
  • Bonds Calc
  • Loan Calc
  • Options Calc
  • Company Reports
  • 20 Largest Shareholders


Using KODIAK Server it is possible to have data from 3rd party systems available to KODIAK Excel users. Data from accounting systems, portfolio systems and data warehouses can be delivered straight into Excel through the KODIAK Server.